Hello Thanks for Your Patronage, kindly follow the steps below to install your application if it’s a php app.

  1. Download the software/application. This software is usually a link inserted after the topic in the documentation of the project. It usually comes as a compressed file (.zip or .rar).
  2. Extract the compressed file.

if it’s a zip compressed file please unzip the software( use winzip application or right click with a mouse and click extract all

if its rar compress file please unrar the software

  1. After extracting the software successfully, you have to download and install a WAMP server. NB: If you already have a WAMP server installed, this step is not applicable to you.
  2. Install the application on you system. The installation process should take about 3 – 5 minutes
  3. Once you are through with the installation please click to launch the package. NB: you will notice a symbol of this sought on you quick tool access point(by the date at your system task bar)




depending on you system

Next is you click on the GREEN ICON then a tray will pop-up ( see image below) Click on the www directory


  1. When you click the www directory window a file explore will open please copy the downloaded software you have extract. Copy it to that www directory folder.
  2. You can manually access that folder by going following the path on your computer click my computer >local Disk (C: ) drive >wamp folder > www   folder    . there you are.. clap for yourself.


You Are 20 % Ready ………….Lets Roll

This phase is quite technical so please follow me step by step

  1. Click the    bhicon again on the system tray   d
  2. Then click on phpMyAdmin
  3. Then you will see a page like this below

Congrats you are 22% ready

  1. Please click on the menu above , click on Database  f   the a window like this will display before g       Please type the database name on that window and click create.
  2. Am sure you will be asking me whats the name of the database, yes please check the folder you will see a folder called ‘database’ or ‘db’ . if they is no folder as such don’t be scared. They should be a file in the folder with sql extention. See pic below.  not the SQL file  the name of that file is the name of the database. Thanks take a deep breath now and repeat step 12.



  1. After creating the database you will click on the database.
  2. see Pic below(let’s say am creating database accommodation after creating you will click below …like this )j
  3. Next is to click on the SQL above5
  4. Note this step very well. Open the SQL file with notepad(the file with SQL extension) select everything in it, copy and paste it in the sql window showing at Step 16 .  Next is to click the GO button below                            8      9

At the Point you have successfully created a database for you project. Congrats!!

50% ready


  1. Final Phase is to click on the WAMP icon    bhon the tray again  and click on localhost   c

It will open your browser with a window exactly like mine below.:


You should be able to see you project below on the “Your Projects” section   12

  1. Final phase is to click on the your project or type your project name on the URL with this extension i.e let my access the accommodation project http://localhost/ accommodation /then click the enter button

Congrats You project is ready to Go.