How To Make Money Online As A Writer

How To Make Money Online As A Writer

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The Internet is quite expensive such as light in Nigeria, nobody can be blamed for that. Are you subscribing to your phone to stay online every day? Once your subscription finishes what income have you made to help you subscribe again? Are you enjoying subscribing to chat with friends without making income? Start to change such mentality because you can’t blame anyone for you not making money in this 21st century online.

Making money online nowadays is made easy with the help of a website. I understand you will say “How?” because you are not a website designer or developer. You don’t need to be any before making money online. You may not have money to set up your personal website or blog before investing in marketing before people see it on top of the search engine such as Google or bing but there are many ways to make income even while in school or in-office using your free time, writing articles, business proposal, educational research topics, final year project topics and materials in different department if your talented and has the onions to do so.

Or do you have already written academic project materials? It can serve as a guide for someone, why not become a vendor/seller on platform and start selling your already written project work. Project Writers Nigeria is a multi-vendor platform in which you can list your material to sell.

The question is:

  1. Do you like writing?
  2. Do you have a smart device or computer system?

If your answer for the above questions is YES then your good to start, firstly you need to visit Project writers Nigeria by Click Here, register as a vendor for free and start uploading your product which is your materials to sell, Project Writers Nigeria only charge you 10% of commission of your sell on the platform which is very cheap, you are not doing any marketing, all the marketing is done by Project Writers Nigeria without any extra charges.