How To Write An Article Review

How To Write An Article Review

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How To Write An Article Review

What Is Article Review: this can be said as critical constructive evaluation of literature in a particular field through summary classification, analysis and comparison. If it is scientific review article, it use database research to portray the research.

Simply put an article review is a type of professional custom writing it demands high standards of writing and an in-depth presentation of an argument your main goal is to review the topic summarize everything and present a clear understanding of the topic.

Writing involved summarization, classification, analysis boutiques and comparison. The analysis evaluation and compares requires you to use theories, ideas and research relevant to the subject of the area it’s also worth nothing that a review does not introduce new information rather presents a response to another writers works.

Journal: much like all other reviews a journal article review evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an article and your writing you must provide the reader with an analysis and interpretation that demonstrate the articles.

Research: In a research article review differs from a journal article review by the way that it evaluates the research methods used and holds that information into retrospect to analyze and critique.

Science: scientific article review involves anything in the realm of science often scientific article include more information on the background that you can used to analyze the article in a more comprehensive way.

Formatting Article Review

Formatting of a paper (article) should always adhere to the citation style required by your supervisor or professor. If you’re not sure then ask your professor for clarification on the preferred format and ask them to clarify several other pointers to adequately complete the formatting of an article review through, what format should use to cite your articles, what length should you review and do you need to emphasize a straight specific theme or central idea with the article does you instructor want you to include any background information. When your answer is made then start writing you literary review.

The Pre-Writing Process

Arranging your writing work like this is extremely important you wouldn’t want to try and pull an all nighters before turning in an assignment like this. Before starting your writing process you should outline your assignment or use article review template to organize your thoughts in a more coherent way, an outline template could really help by allowing you to start with introduction that mentions the article and a thesis for the review.

  • Follow the summary of the main point of your article, highlight the positive points and facts to presented in the article and make critiques to the article their identification of gap, contradiction asperities in the text and unanswered question.

Outline And Template

As you are progress in reading your article organize your thought into a coherent section within your outline as you read, jot down important facts contributions or contradiction, identify, shortcomings and strengths of your articles get to map out your outline accordingly if your professor does not want a summary section of personal critique section then you can alleviate those from you writing. Much more like assignment article review must contain introduction, body and conclusion you might consider dividing the outline according to these sections and as well as subheading within the body if you find yourself having trouble with the prewriting and brain storming  process for this assignment check out a sample of article review outline.

Pre-Tile Page

Your article must contain these parts “the prix title page”, this is where you want to list the type of article that you are reviewing the title of the article all the author’s who contributed to the article author’s affiliations “position, department, institute, city, state, country, ID”, it goes on and on optional corresponding author details “name, address, phone and more…”.



Running Head

This is the only APA format it’s the title of your paper shortened to less than 40 characters.

Summary Page

Summary page could be optional depending on your instructor science the summary should be a maximum of 800 (eight hundred words) long you simple and non-technical language do not repeat text verbatim or give references in this section relevant background explain why the work was done, summarize the result and explain the methods and the piece of the puzzle before we can get into the writing a title page which will contain your tile obviously OSHA various section of your article review will include an introduction the body, include heading and subheadings a word cited or references pages possibly followed by tables and figures if instructed by the professor or supervisor.

Summarize The Article

Make a summary of the article by revisiting what the author has written about no relevant facts and findings of the article include the author conclusions in this section.

Critique The Article

Present the strengths and weakness that you have found in the article in addition, highlight the knowledge that the author has contributed in the article take a standpoint of either supporting or not with the author’s assertions but support your argument with facts the relevant theories that are pertinent to the area of the knowledge, rubrics and templates can also be used to evaluate and grade the person reviewing the article.

Crafting A Conclusion

In these section, revisiting your key points of your piece, your findings in the article and your critique also write about the accuracy validity and relevance and the result if the article  review give the way forward for the future research and the field of study, before submitting your article, keep these pointers in mind select quotes and supporting evidence adequately and use direct quotations sparingly took a lot of time to analyze your article every time you reference an article use direct quotation use parenthetical citation to avoid accidently plagiarizing your article re-read your piece a day after you finish writing it, this will help you spot grammar, mistakes and see any flows in the organization you are not having to make a fun of revision due to the small error.