Advertising and Consumers Loyalty – a survey of consumers of FOOD Affairs-

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Background to the Study

Glosser (2001) sees advertising as The use of paid media of mass communication to inform, promote, persuade and pre  sells goods, ideals, products and services by an identified sponsor on a non  personal level. It is part of marketing mix which stimulates buying action from the consumer. Stimulation creates awareness and may in turn lead to brand loyalty.

Advertising is also a printed, spoken, written or pictorial presentation of person, a product sign service, movement and idea openly sponsor by the advertiser at his expense for the purpose of influencing sells. It means drawing peoples attention  to something.   

According to Wright al (2002) although marketings function is to sell, advertisings purpose is to aid the selling process through communication with prospective customers. To create awareness identification, recall brand loyalty, advertising as a weapon of marketing policy is used only in conjunction with the exact matching of the consumers targeted. Festiger, Leon: (1996). At and with the marketing of the consumers targeted at and with the marketing slot left inadequately filled by existing competition. This requires as unique selling proposition more compelling than those possessed by the competitor.

Statement of the Problem


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