design an electronic shop management system for electronic showrooms

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1.0     Introduction

Recently, people have been relying on the benefits that technology is offering. Technology is derived from discoveries of man; therefore, it includes the use of both primitive and highly advanced tools and methods of works. The inventions and the development of technology permitted people to expand their work at the shortest possible time. With the assistance of technology, people are now using the most important and most highly developed machine man has ever invented the computer.

Electronic showrooms, which is using paper pen format to keep their records till the day wishes to use computer technology to keep track of all its transactions and day to day operation to achieve its business goal.The Electronic Shop Management System is developed for computer systems to facilitate electronic showrooms’ management of customer details, retail store inventory and account management. Where it keeps a list of stocks and products at a store and can do operations on them. It provide a solution for electronics shop for computerizing various types of works like update daily sales details and updating stock details. It also provides information on each and every product which is available within the store, and it will also keep record of its vendors from where this product was purchased last time and at what price. It basic purpose is to maintain stock details and information on time, if any product is going out of stock along with various other information related to its sources.

Stock information maintenance is a complex task and requires frequent update, this management sales inventory system allows the user to add, edit, update and delete data/information stored in the database. It can be used efficiently for physically separated shops in different locations. Administrators can pull data, from any location from the server. This software is a complete package for electronic showrooms which will allow them to keep track of their sales and inventory, and provide a computerized billing system. It provides simple database rather than complex ones for high requirements and it provides good and easy graphical user interface to both new as well as experienced user of the computer. This system will reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of sales and purchase. It will be having user friendly GUIs that will guide the user to easily achieve the same.

1.1     Theoretical Background

The Present era is the era of information technology. Easy access to information and interfacing of database with decision making process are quite vital in the process of computer technology. The whole economy of any country depends on the business position of the country and how the business is adopting the new technology. In addition to this any business can survive in this competing market only if the business is running with the growth of the current technological advancements.

Mark James (2009), pointed out the business process is under the Information technology revolution, which is transforming the way we do the business like decision making, customer services, etc are done and reformed with the use of computer.

Sales and Management Magazine (1997) conducted a survey which indicated that 85% of respondents felt that technology was increasing the efficiency of their sales force, while another 62 percent concluded that it was helping them increase their sales. To the researcher, this statement remains a theory until proven otherwise by the implementation of a computerized electronic shop management system.

1.2     Statement of the Problem


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