Design and Implementation of car wash management Information system

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Design and Implementation of car wash Management Information system

Chapter 1


KICUKIRO CAR WASH is a private company which is located in KICUKIRO District, KICUKIRO Sector in KICUKIRO Cell opposite side of IPRC Kigali in 40 meters from Sonatube.

This car wash has started working in 2000 with 15 workers known as washers and it keeps on improving whereby currently they have 38 workers and 2 managers one for the morning shift and another for the evening shift and both of them are the ones to coordinate all activities of the company and manages employees in order to achieve company objectives.

Commercial vehicle washes present a two-opportunity for the water conservation based both upon differences in construction and upon operator preferences. Commercial carwashes are categorized as either convey, in-bay automatic or self-serve, and includes those carwashes that are available for public use at stand-alone facilities where we locate hand carwash. This was confirmed by John Koeller (October 2006).

Hand car wash system usually washes cars by using water and soap. For Kicukiro carwash, their daily activity and all activities and information are managed manually. The communication between customers and employees in car wash is not effective because customers are not notified when their car are ready to be delivered. The reason why the researcher has thought of establishing an automated information management system which will help managers to communicate with their customers and inform employees about their daily concern activities and assign duties accordingly. This adds more advantages comparing to manual system as the car wash will easily communicate with its customers and improve performance.



The hand car wash its department of giving service to customers is still using a manual system to manage information of car wash business. Due to a large number of customers nowadays, this department faces numerous problems when capturing, storing, securing, and retrieving information related to car wash business and to communicate to customers seem to be a big challenge.

When a customer comes to the car wash, the negotiation is made between the car‟s owner and the preferred washer and this takes time because each and every one wants to be selected. The way of recording received customers is currently made by recording customers using a pen and a note book; this is a manual operation which can generate a loss of information easily. One employee can have more than one car while others haven‟t any and this seems to be inefficient among employees and can cause their customers to wait for long. Because washers are the one to make negotiation with customers, they sometimes look at their interest where they can provide poor service to customers for them to gain more per day this can cause the customer to do not be back to the same carwash because the service was not attractive.

The payment of fees is not done effectively because customers pay washers then the washers will pay on their own the manager based on the car model washed and the service provided because they can either provide exterior wash or internal wash . This must be a problem when the manager is distracted and do not be aware of all washers information.

1.3 Objective of the study

1.3. 1 General objective

The main objective of this project is developing and implementing a software application which will manage the customer as well as employee profiles, and keep track of wash record of each customer as well as to support and simplify the process of communication and information sharing in Kicukiro car wash.

1.3.2 Specific objectives


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