design and Implementation of computer base restaurant and eatery system

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Design and Implementation of computer base restaurant and eatery system



1.0     Introduction

The application of the use of the computer in almost all facets of human Endeavour cannot be our stressed.  Since the introduction of the microcomputer, the world of technology has changed and will continue to be changing with modernization made to the present ones. This chapter introduces the research work on the design and implementation of computer based restaurant/eatery system. This research work focuses on the technology used, statement of the problem, aim and objectives of the study, significance of the study, the scope of the study, organization of the study, and finally, the definition of terms. This will bring to clarity in regard to the general concept of this research project. Meanwhile, computer base restaurant is a means of upgrading the standard of a restaurant in society.

Since the inception of computers into the world, mankind has witnessed a great revolution in different fields and areas of work. Most number of restaurant in our society operates manually or paper-based. Now, a great chance to make it a computer base where customers will just click a button on the computer to make a request for food without verbal communication and the food will be delivered on their table in the restaurant dining room.  This research work will bring clarity on how the computer systems will be put to use on day to day sales and service in a restaurant thereby facilitating their jobs.

1.1     Statement of the problem

Because of the complexity of restaurant management, efforts have been made to find out the major cause of ineffectiveness in Oliver Tweezt. The major problem that prompts this research work is to upgrade the operating system of the restaurant and eatery system, to meet the people of less stress. These problems include:

  • Reducing the stress of verbal communication due to slow response from the sale person.
  • Inability of welcoming customers to the restaurant. Due to the fact that sellers ought to be friendly with customers, some sellers will be transferring their aggression to the customer.
  • Customers’ inability to know all the available food at the spot.

1.2     Aim and Objectives of the study

The aim of this research work is to develop a computer base system that will upgrade the operational system in restaurant and eatery system.

Objectives can be summarized as follows;

  • To design a system that will improve the integrity of restaurant and upgrade their operations.
  • To design a system to digitalize a restaurant which it’s going to attract more customers.
  • To design a system that will enable customers to know all the available food at the spot
  • To design a system will eliminate the physical process of making a request for food

1.3     Significant of the study

design and Implementation of computer base restaurant and eatery system


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