Effects of Social Media Dating Among Students

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Background of the Study

Man is a “social being” and cannot exist in isolation. According to Paul (2010, p. 301), said, man “as a social being cannot make meaning of his life without social environment. He interacts with his fellow human beings and carries out his activities to satisfy his want”. In other words, man seek for the company of others to function effectively. The companion man needed is achieve on the platform called “Social Relationship”. Bran and Luane (2002), and constitute what Graemble (2002) referred to as “society”. The society man create become the convenience environment that man dwell in to carry out his duty. 

However, as man continued to live and interact with his society, the society keep increasing and expanding. Man direct communication [“interpersonal communication”] was no longer effective as it used to be, due to the expansion of the society which causes distortions of meaning in every messages, man send to the society since man needed to maintain the harmonious relationship with his companions who are part of the society and to also continue sourcing for information, which is the “life wire of human endeavour” (Aina, 2003). 

Notwithstanding, man was able to provide a solution for effective communication called; “Mass Communication”, to still maintain his relationship. This form of communication is a communication to a large members of the society through the use of machines and other devices. 

According to Dominick (2000), cited in Gamble (2002), said “Mass Communication is a process by which a complex organization with the aid of one or more machines produces and transmit public message that are directed at large, heterogeneous, and scattered audiences. “The Mass Communication is obtain through what is called the “Mass Media (Singular Mass Medium). 

Furthermore, Linus (2014) defined the Mass Media as a “channel of communication to larger society who are anonymous to one another”. Mass Media include: radio, television, newspaper, magazine, bill board, books and the social media. All these are the different channels of mass communication and they all have their different effect base on their functions. 

The social media which is defined as; “the future of communication, a countless array of internet tools and platforms that increases and enhance the sharing of information. (Albertazzi, 2010). Function through the network called the “internet” which is a means of connecting a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and servers. When two computer are connected over the internet, they can send, and receive all kind of information such as text graphics, video and voice (according to online business dictionary, 2016). And the social media function on some platform like, facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, YouTube and many others. These social network or social platform are used in sharing information, data, pictures, video, and music. The group of people which the social media create platform for them to interact and maintain or close their communication are known as “social media users” and the platform itself is referred as “virtual community” (Okoro, 2001). 

Research has shown that majority of social media users has used the platform to maintain interpersonal communication. Consequently, harmonious relationship is created, which lead to intimacy and resulted on dating or courting (Wisdom, 2015).         

So therefore, it is on this note that this research project aim at finding out the effects of social media dating among students using Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Osurua, Ikot Ekpene. 

Statement of the Problem 


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