Influence Of Home Movies On Social Behaviour Of Students In Tertiary Institution

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Home movies as a mirror of life have been labeled to send messages to individuals in the society encompassing students in tertiary institutions of learning. And this in turn, tends to misplace the universal standard of how an average students ought to go about in his/her sojourn in tertiary institution, making them adopt a style of living even as we have some sit tight “cultural believe, it is obvious that the advents of this technology has heavily affected societal norms and values.

Most of these students by watching every home movies released into the market adopt and obtain what is being show cased in the home movies. In a nutshell are cases of violence, prostitution, money laundering, arm robbery and photography as could be extracted from the film “blackberry babes” which propagate double standard, lack of honesty, cultism, slangs, wrong societal values, blackmail, success through dubious means, lack of respect for parents. These kind of home movies lack messages, story lines that could promote our cultural heritage and good values and have deviated by adding more problems instead of trying to solve them.

Conversely, some home movies create conflict of reasoning and most times change ideas and orientation, thereby causing violence in our higher institution. Today our institution are dumping ground of mediocre where you will find prostitutes, armed robbers, homosexuals, lesbians, cultist etc. worst is that home movies promotes these ills. This is why our nervousness knows that the continual extent had adverse social and moral decadence in our campuses which we cannot risk and afford if our future should be guaranteed. This menance of home movies are to be given an urgent concentration as to how it could be curtail, specifically in this era where reality from fiction. For instance, like in Nigeria movies, a particular scenes may appear to sexy scene and or nude human beings, just to cause attraction but the students would view as non-fiction.

This malady brings the emergent of this study very desireably because whether it should be given a thought or not, it is believed that students (youths) in tertiary institutions are being influenced with some home movies with unacceptable ways of life which are viewed uncultured and it means that the ugly behaviour being exhibited by our students in higher institution are as a result of watching home movies and will affect Nigeria, if not today, tomorrow.


This study attempts to find out or x-ray the influence of home movies on students in Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic. Home movies often times channel wrong information to the students there by causing abnormality in campus.

Orji (1996, p, 26) most of these films are rated for general viewing indicating that some are unhealthy for children but what does these audience including students stand to gain? What influence will it be making in their lives? Is it necessary at all to watch home movies? Does it promote normality especially in pursuance of excellent moral standard in out tertiary institution.


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