Leadership Impact of Mary Barra

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The impact of a true leader on the effectiveness of a team cannot be over-emphasized. Like love, true leadership is desired by all. Nothing endears a team to be efficient more than when they are in accordance with their leaders. Take the game of football, for instance, the players are willing to give their all on the pitch as long as they are out for their manager. The opposite of this can be reflected in the lackadaisical attitude portrayed by these same set of players once they are not playing for their manager.

The question therein is, what spurs a team to effectiveness? The answer lies solely on the impact of the leader present. Growing up as students, we do find some teachers more endearing to us than others. This is not necessarily a function of how good or bad they are with their subject courses. However, they have found a balance between discipline and tutelage and that makes them exceptional.

Over the years of her stay at General Motors, Mary Barra has found this balance and her impact over the years speaks volumes. She started working at General Motors at the age of 18, initially as a co-op student. Sequel to this initial position, she has grown through the ranks proving to be vital and impactful in every position she has occupied.

A one-time executive vice president of global product development, purchasing, and supply,  executive director of vehicle manufacturing engineering, vice president of human resources and product development. Most predominant in all these roles is the fact that Mary always ensured that her team reeled out good quality and design of General Motors vehicles.


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