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  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of study
  3. Statement of the study
  4. Significance of the study
  5. Purpose off the study
  6. Research question
  7. Hypothesis of the study
  8. Scope and limitation of the study
  9. Limitation of the study
  10. Definition of terms CHAPTER TWO
    1. Origin of banking
    2. History of bank service
    3. Characteristic of bank service
    4. The concepts of marketing and its immpact on banking industry
    5. The objective of marketing in banking
    6. Need for marketing in banks
    7. Banks marketing activities
    8. How best to marketing bank services
    9. Problem and suggested solution for marketing in bank  services
    10. New financial services of united bank for Afgrica polc UBA and their marketing strategies
    11. Why the study is a novel CHAPTER THREE


  1. Introduction
    1. Sources of data
    2. Population and sample
    3. Data collection instrument and produre
    4. Limitation of validity of data
    5. Method of data analysis CHAPTER FOUR


  1. Data presentation and analysis
  2. Testing of hypothesis CHAPTER FIVE


  1. Summary of finding conclusion and recommendation 5.1 Summary of finds
    1. Recommendation Bibliography Appendix I questionnaire










In Nigeria, successive government, both military and civilian has continuously demonstrated their interest and commitment in the financial sector by encouraging banks (commercial merchant and development) to expand their services and facilities not only in the urban areas, but also to the rural environment. This explains the rigorous with which  the rural banking and community banking schemes are being pursued. But the most  spectacular era of banking in Nigeria set in by 1986 when the structural instrument programme (SAP) was introduced and since then banking has never been the same.


Government become untimely involved in commercial banking in other to ensure maximum benefit of the economy. Modern Technology and modern information system has revolutimalized the way banking business   is done. Customer satisfaction has become the bench- mark for performance and  banking has become  increasingly international and sophisticated. (Dr S. Usmen 19998) banks in Nigeria are incorporating marketing in their provision of banks services. Marketing in New idea, but t is challenging about it is the application of its principles in the rendering of bank services.


Generally marketing is the set of individual  or corporate activities designed to direct the flow of need satisfying goods and services to target buy7ers this is done through the exchange process. Marketing starts when one social unit. These effort are made with the  intent to obtain transaction between competent social unit


The recent emphasis on the principle and the application marketing to banking has rather been forced on individual by increase competition and other environmental changes whose result so far has been sluggish due to perhaps cultural responses to charges and the fact that marking as we know to day has been developed from the approaches meanest for tangible product


Based on these development this project work is aimed at finding out the extent and quality of the service of Nigeria banks specifically commercial bank with particular reference to united bank for Africa Plc (UBA) and also to identify the problems and Perspex of marketing of bank services which will enable us to identity their short coming and them be in a position to offer objective solution to the problem techniques to indaquatecy/efficient staff usually encountered while carrying out their legitimate dynamic function of bank marketing in the economy with the overall objective of maximizing portability and customers satisfaction. Nwankwo G.O (1985)






All research study has its own problems and this particular one is not an exception. The research study into marketing of banking service in Nigeria and some New horizons with  special reference to the united bank for Africa Plc (UBA) Branch being Lagos and Benin city is done with a view of examing and evaluating the services of this bank (UBA) in respect of their contribution towards the financial position of both large and small firms.


The united bank for Africa Plc (UBA) has its antecedent in the British and Frence bank Limited. The British and French bank itself metamorphosed from BNCI Paris, Basque national pourle commence et. Industries establish in 1932. The united bank for Africa was incorporated on February 23, 1961 and was first of the international banks operating in Nigeria at the time to be registered under Nigerian Law.


The bank has 24 branches and cash office located in Nigeria major commercial centers, state capitals and federal capital territory with two off shore branches in new York and Arrendcayan Island. The united bank for Africa Plc retains, the unique statistic of being the only Nigeria bank with presence in the united state of America.


The bank undertook a voluntary public issue in 19i70 the first of such public issue to be undertaken by a bank in Nigeria. This voluntary issue came year before the requirement of the authorities for 45 percent Nigeria equity  participation is local banks.


The united bank for Africas Plc (UBA) become a private equity in 1994 with the full divestment of the government 60 percent holding under it privatization and commercialization of public enterprise thrust with an authorized share capital of N billion  of which N500 million is fully paid and share holders funds in excess of N 5.4 million united bank for Africa Plc (UBA) one of the most highly capitalized bank in Nigeria. And has its branches is the commercial centre in the whole Nigeria like Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, port -Harcourt, Onitsha, Ibadan, Benin, Aba etc.


United bank for Africa Plc in its marking activities and efforts involve the determination of the total image and the bank also wishes to project , to its customers towns and communities at Large.


The bank also identities the areas of strength and weakness in order to delineate share in specialization. A proper definition of different categories of customers will also go a long way in preparing different classes of services for different categories of customers with equal satisfaction.  United bank for Africa Plc(UBA) is totally committed to customers services adding value to clients business as well as building and enduring  partnership.


The organization  has gone long way to the extent that its banks strategy is combined with traditional strength of a large funding base access to cheap deposit with the flexibility responsiveness and quality delivery of new generation banks.


Some new financial service have been introduced in the organization in order to meet with customers satisfaction such activities like the UBA money Gram, UBA saves for school easy card, value card etc. to improve the performance of the bank, change and the Licensing of new banks are placing unprecedented  pressure of every bank.


Only these leader who learn to anticipate and even invent that future will profit from rather than be surprised by  change. According to (Kotler, 1976) marketing is human activities directed at persuading somebody to accept its product of activities. He said further that it  is the process whereby demand for product, services and ideas are anticipated, managed and satisfied.


Nwankwo (1980) view3 marking as a management process which identifies, anticipate and satisfies consumer which identifies, anticipate and satisfy consumer requirement . profitability he also emphasized the customer for without a total commitment to him on the part of the bank as a whole the application of advanced marketing techniques can only have limited and bridt benefits. The role of banks in the economy can not be overemphasized since they are principal producer  of means of payment the failure of the banking system could have  a devastating consequence on the economy especially as financial  institution  and  marketing are key internaliaries through which government bring their macro economic activities.


Bank primarily mobilize financial resources in the country for accelerated economic activities.


Bank primarily mobilize financial resources in the country for accelerated economic  development and  without marketing their  services  to the people. They can neither know the importance nor the numerous benefit there in


All the above points to the fact that marketing in banks in quite complex and has to be handed with dexterity especially when one recognizes the role of banks in economic development and plurality of services they render