The impact of NTA channel 12 Uyo awareness programme ” politics today” survey

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Background of the Study

Television is a broadcast medium that has an added advantage over radio, this being that television provides words with pictures which makes it one of the most powerful communication forces. It has a higher quality and reaches the target number of people at the shortest possible time.

According to Okunna (2004, p.7) “television message comes in form of programmes; among the commonest of programmes, interviews, discussions etc”.

Television has most of the characteristics of the radio except that of being audio-visual; that is, one gets to hear and see pictures. Television is the most effective means of communication, in terms of information presentation. It is both transient and fleeting in the sense that, unlike a book where you read at anytime you like, the television programmes when played once, cannot be seen again except in the case where the same programmes are repeated.

With television there is interconnectivity between development and mass media. Wilbur Schramm (1946, p.41) refers to media as the prime mover of national development and without them, hardly could any state think of rapid development. The media sociologist observed that mass media plays pivotal role in shaping the trenels of development in every facts of life.

Television has become a singularly powerful media to do good or evil in the society. The programme offered by television stations usually reflect the desire and values of the society, while their persistent command of development, media is known to all. For example, it has played laudable roles in creating awareness, promoting freshness and variety, and also dishing out information that are vital to the development and cohesion of the country.

Meanwhile, Nigeria Televison Authority (NTA) enjoys a network service. It is an offsheet of the federal-Government owned Nigeria Television Services (NTS), which was established in 1962. But the first television station in Nigeria name western Nigeria Television service; WTS was established in 1959 by the late chief Obafemi Awolowo, Who at that time was the premier of the region.

It has to this end been observed that NTA Uyo has four years been embarking on programmes educating the public on the need for peaceful and politics today. Politics today programme indicates the relationship and interconnectivity of development and the mass media.

Statement of the Problem


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