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This study was intended to impact Team Work and Organizational Productivity. The study was guided by the following objectives; to examine the relationship between team work and productivity; identify factors Militating against team work in workplace and solutions to enhancing teamwork. 
The study employed descriptive and explanatory design, questionnaires in addition to library research were applied in order to collect data. Primary and secondary data sources were used and data was analyzed using statistical package which was presented in frequency tables and percentage. The respondents under the study were 28 employees of Ministry of Information, Akwa Ibom State State. The study majorly focused on phases and components of the impact of teamwork on organizational productivity.
The study findings revealed that there is a significant impact team work has on organizational productivity. Chi-square significant at 0.01 level (2-tailed), 0.00 indicates the significance of interaction between two variables an indication that the significant is under the range of 0.0 and 0.05.
Using the above findings, it implied that there is a strong relationship between Team Work and Organizational Productivity. The Ministry of Information, Akwa Ibom State State should  To improve a team effectiveness, it is first necessary to understand these factors you can determine when and where team development is needed. In other for team o function effectively they must manage how they work together and how they interact with res, Organization should design remuneration policy that reward teamwork         against individual contribution this will go a long way in enhancing team effectiveness., members of team should spend time discussing and defining roles and responsibilities. As the team develops, it is topical for individuals to build expectation and assumptions of others which are seldom anywhere., managers need to take active roles soothing relationship during times of conflict. This will  foster unity foster team effectiveness in no small way. and team can improve resources utilization by leveraging time to their advantage, performing work asynchronously helps organizations effectively bridge.  














Teamwork is usually an integral part of the work place. Basic teamwork involves everyone working together to support the organization and complex forms of teamwork could involve “work teams” chosen to complete a project by working closely. teamwork enhances productivity through joint and collective effort.  Allowing team members to bring their specific education and training to a project or a work task, which maximizes the variety of work the team can accomplish as well as the number of tasks completed without additional research. It is true that more minds can sometimes work better than a single one (Okoh, 2006).


Teamwork is the actions of individuals, brought together for a common purpose or goal, which subordinate the needs of the individual to the need of the group. In essence, each person on the team put aside his or her individual needs to work towards organizational objectives. The interaction among the members and the work they complete is called teamwork.  Effective teamwork is essential to the success of any business. As “no man is an island”, the positive effects of productive teamwork can energize an entire organization, just as the negative effect of a lack of team work can cripple an organization. An essential ingredient to effective teamwork is attracting and keeping the right team members that would facilitate productivity in an organization. As  such most human resource approaches lay so much emphasis on teamwork due to its importance to organizational productivity. Hence the need to conduct an extended essay on the impact of teamwork on organizational productivity.



The main objective of the study is to examine the impact of teamwork on organizational productivity. The specific objectives are;

  1. To identify the relationship between teamwork and productivity.
  2. To identify the sources militating against teamwork in workplace
  3. to proffer recommendation to the identified problem as reviewed in the literature.



The study would be beneficial to corporate organization as it would enhance policy formulation as regard teamwork in workplace. The study would also be beneficial to the general public, as it will educate them on the impact of teamwork on organizational productivity. The essay will also contribute to the existing knowledge on organizational teamwork. The study will be a useful material to incoming students who may wish to use this study as a reference material to undertake their own extended essay.



The study will cover an extended essay on the impact of teamwork on organizational productivity. The essay reviews opinions of authority on the concept of teamwork in workplace as well as the key factors influencing team effectiveness and factors militating against teamwork in workplace.




The study is constraint with limitation arising from inadequate material on the subject matter as well as inadequate time due to the inability of the writer to combined lectures with this extended essay, adequate finance is also a great limitation to this extended essay.

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