Variety Reduction as a Tool for Effective Materials Control

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 Variety Reduction as a Tool for Effective Materials Control


This research study is based on variety reduction as a tool for effective material control, a case study of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. To understand the research work better, efforts was made at the introductory stage to explain the general importance of variety reduction with special consideration being placed on company especially Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Kaduna. Also the general problem was also emphasized on such non recognition of the role of variety reduction on storage of different articles that can serve the same purpose. Effort was also made to identify the purpose of the study such as the degree of importance attached to variety reduction, areas covered by variety reduction and its operational activities. It also focused on its significance to the organization, the academics, the populace and the researcher. Research question were also generated to determine the importance the organization placed on variety reduction and how variety reduction facilitate the organization operational efficiency. The survey research design is employed; also simple random sampling procedure was employed. The researcher used questionnaire and documentary sources. The likert four rating scale technique is used to analyze the data, findings made among which are, that the organization considered variety reduction to facilitate the organizational efficiency and that the variety reduction minimizes cost and avoid storing the same item that can serve the same purpose in making material available in the store. However, the researcher summarized and concluded the research study and made recommendations to the company, amongst which are formulation of variety reduction policy to align with the vision and mission of the organization, always employed a competent hand to handle variety reduction activities, to strive as much as possible to create a variety reduction unit to be controlled by a qualified store manager, purchasing and supply officer and engineer.