Captivating thesis statement is one of the thing that is very difficult for student in academic section but here in today after reading through this piece of text it will give you an inside of what to do and how to do. Step by step to follow which will help you in writing good thesis statement.

Step – 1: Understand the concept of what it is (Thesis)

Step – 2: Things to consider when writing thesis statement

Step – 3: How to phrase sentences interestingly

Many people in college or in universities, even in schools have been hearing of thesis statement and the big question is what a thesis statement is and how to write them?

“A thesis statement is a concise sentence that briefly explains the main point of the project paper using example and evidence to support its validity”

When constructing any piece of writing the writer always have a predetermined incentive for creating it, it’s layouts which help while writing so that the writer will not get lost in the process, the predetermined also state the purpose of the content so it is importance to state it as clearly as possible. If it’s done scale fully the reader will be motivated by continuing to read the paper rather than getting confuse of the paper.

Another to consider while writing thesis statement is to come up with suitable topic, some thesis topic at time are choose by the supervisor or it will be giving a student privilege of their project topic while you have the opportunity of choosing the topic, make sure you choose a topic that interest you not just a topic that will give you sleepless night and at the same time still not meet the deadline. Some thesis supervisor choose for student might be dulling in your eye then don’t write about it, because emotional investment will vibrate from your writing. And another thing to consider is “Does your topic appeal to a wide range of people” Always try to write on a topic that people are more familiar with to cover your basis, after selecting a topic another thing to consider is “has the audience already considered any statement?” or “is this thesis statement unique and unexpected?” if your thesis statement is just a common sense then you’re hurting yourself and the creativity department  for example: “Animal testing for medicinal and cosmetic purpose is morally unethical” then that is just like agreeing the something the last researcher did, the construction of the thesis is bad and also lack originality in topic and stance, however if you write thesis that says : ”One’s emotional quotient is more important than their intelligence quotient when it comes to building a successful carrier due to the unparalleled importance of teamwork” the it sound more creativity, in that you are more specific and have a unique topic which the controversy – create Tension – that Interest audience and also have- Quality.

Last thing to consider is “Have you created a debatable thesis?” Remember it has to take a stand about a particular subject, meaning some will agree with you and some will not, make sure your thesis statement has counter Argument otherwise your starting fact rather than taking a stand. The most important part of creating a captivating thesis is structuring the sentence effectively, the better you create thesis statement the more interest you get from the audience or reader. With that there are 3 – step process to create a strong and engaging thesis statement.

  1. Claim
  2. Explanation
  3. Reasoning

CLAIM:  This can be said as the position you take in the argument. Remember “One’s emotional quotient is more important than their intelligence quotient”.

EXPLANATION: This stand as the purpose for the claim, in other word, what is our claim referring to? Remember“when it comes it comes to building a successful carrier“is our explanation.

REASONING: This is an insight phrase that defends our claim; remember “Due to the unparalleled importance of teamwork” that is our reasoning.

If your thesis captivates all this 3 – process, then you have a captive thesis statement.


I hope this post helped you write a very good thesis, however if you have any questions, please feel free to ask any question and I will get back to you within 12 hours!

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